The Truth Is…DermalInfusion by Envy Medical

What Is DermalInfusion? Why do we recommend DermalInfusion to our clients? Results!! Really and truly. That’s the best we in this industry can offer our clients. We want to give the best service we can with the very best results possible. DermalInfusion takes the facial treatment to the next level. The 3 in 1 action of the device safely and … Read More

The Truth Is…Botox

  As soon as you hear the word Botox what pops in to your head? A funny scene in a movie? A frozen looking actress? Joan Rivers? There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Botox so I am going to unravel the myths and mystery! The Origin of Botox Botox was first introduced in 1989 to treat twitching … Read More