A is for Acne: The Difference Between Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory Acne

Nearly every adolescent and countless adults struggle at some point with acne. Not only can it be socially awkward, but it can also be incredibly uncomfortable. In keeping with our theme for August – Go Back to School with the ABC’s of Skincare – we are going to highlight Acne and look at the two basic categories – non-inflammatory and inflammatory. We are also going to explore effective treatment options for this irritating condition.

All acne lesions begin as clogged pores. When a pore becomes blocked and is unable to drain, oil and extra skin cells build up inside that pore. Non-inflammatory acne – or clogged pores we often refer to as blackheads and whiteheads – are lesions that are not infected. While whiteheads are closed pores in which oil in the pore is not exposed to air at the skin’s surface, blackheads are open pores that are exposed to the air, causing them to darken. In both of these cases, bacteria is unable to enter the pore and it remains clogged but uninflamed.

In situations where your body perceives the oil inside clogged pores as a threat, if will often trigger an immune response, thus pores become red and inflamed and result in what we refer to as inflammatory acne. Inflammatory acne can result in pus bumps or pustules.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to combat both non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne. At the Refinery Skin Clinic, one possible solution is the Obagi Clenziderm System – a three-step acne treatment with clinically proven benzoyl peroxide to help control acne for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. This system is available for purchase at our clinic.

Our clinic also provides med spa services that specifically address acne:

Dermalinfusion: With Dermalinfusion, a clinician simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin with a medical grade clarifying serum for an all-inclusive treatment in one step. It is the only medical facial treatment that infuses skin with serums at the moment of exfoliation. A special disposable acne brush head sweeps across the face and effectively cleans out the pores while depositing bacteria fighting serum.

Chemical Peels: These are another successful approach to combating persistent acne. We offer our Signature peels that may improve the appearance of dull and uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage, discoloration, large pores and skin roughness all the while reducing the appearance of acne and acne scars.

If you would like guidance with the treatment of your acne and would like to explore one of these solutions, we would love to connect!

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