The Truth Is….Lip Augmentation

A person’s lips are arguably one of his/her most prominent and beautiful features. However, there are some forces that work against perfect, plump and well-defined lips. A few of these forces include time, sun-exposure, smoking and hereditary factors such as thin lips. But all is not lost! Lip augmentation is a highly successful procedure that facilitates the creation or restoration … Read More

The Truth Is…Kybella: Ditch The Double Chin

  Stubborn fat pockets. Most of us have them. Often they develop on our backs (which for women can mean around the bra straps), knees or in our abdominal region. They can also develop under our chin and create an appearance of “fullness” that we’re not so fond of. (Selfies? No thank you!) Thankfully Kybella was developed to assist in … Read More

The Truth Is…Botox

  As soon as you hear the word Botox what pops in to your head? A funny scene in a movie? A frozen looking actress? Joan Rivers? There are so many misconceptions when it comes to Botox so I am going to unravel the myths and mystery! The Origin of Botox Botox was first introduced in 1989 to treat twitching … Read More