The Truth Is…Kybella: Ditch The Double Chin


Stubborn fat pockets. Most of us have them. Often they develop on our backs (which for women can mean around the bra straps), knees or in our abdominal region. They can also develop under our chin and create an appearance of “fullness” that we’re not so fond of. (Selfies? No thank you!) Thankfully Kybella was developed to assist in the removal of this self-confidence-deflating phenomena…and PERMANTELY!


What is Kybella?

Chemical Composition of Kybella

Originally approved by the FDA in April of 2015 for the treatment of submental (under the chin) fat, Kybella is pure, non-animal-derived deoxycholic acid (think ‘bile’) utilized in the breakdown of stored body fat in much in the same way that it helps break down fatty foods during the digestive process. Although initially approved for use under the chin, Kybella is now used by providers in an off-label fashion to remove those other pesky fat pockets we previously identified.

Who is a candidate for Kybella?

Anyone who is ready to say goodbye forever to obstinate submental, back, knee or abdominal fat pockets is a candidate for Kybella. It is not effective on lax skin with minimal or no fat deposits and is not recommended for women who are pregnant or have an infection around the injection site.

What can I expect from a Kybella treatment?

Kybella is a fast and virtually painless injection treatment administered with small needles. Following an injection the patient will experience a burning sensation for 20-40 minutes as the treatment goes right to work killing off fat cells. 1-2 days post treatment the patient will experience swelling around the injection site. All of this is perfectly normal! Within 6-8 weeks of the treatment results begin to show and best results can be seen at 12 weeks post-treatment.

How long does Kybella last?

The best part about Kybella is that the results are not only effective but if you stay within 5-10 pounds of your target weight the results are also permanent! In other words, you will not see the appearance of fullness return to the treated area. The average treatment requires 1-4 kits of Kybella depending on the amount of fullness present. These kits are segmented into treatments administered once every three months.
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Before and After:

Before                              After

Before                                    After

Before                                  After

Before                                 After

Before                          After



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