client experience coordinator

Rachael Dziuk

“To me, the client experience is everything! I’m eager to make each interaction our clients have with us amazing. If there is anything I can ever do to help you, or enhance your experience at The Refinery Skin Clinic, please don’t hesitate to ask!”

Rachael Dziuk | Burnsville, MN


Rachael knows precisely what kinds of questions and concerns our clients have when they first visit Refinery Skin Clinic because she used to be one of them! This history gives Rachael a unique, first-person perspective on many of our treatments and makes her a fantastic resource to our clients. She loves sharing her skincare journey and results to make you feel educated, supported, and excited about the services you are scheduling with us.

As one of our Client Experience Coordinators, Rachael’s tremendous warmth and wonderful sense of humor immediately make our clients feel cared for and at ease. People love how transparent and honest she is about the treatments she has had in the past and the results she has achieved with her skin and appearance. If you are looking for someone you can ask ANYTHING about regarding their skin — Rachael is your girl!

What Rachael loves most about working with Refinery Skin Clinic is the changes she sees in our clients as the weeks and months pass. People who were once embarrassed by acne now go makeup-free. A client that once hid their double-chin with scarves and turtlenecks now proudly shows off a new necklace. Rachael relishes seeing this renewed confidence in our clients. She feels immensely proud to be a part of a team that facilitates this positive change. Rachael draws daily inspiration from working with providers who are so highly skilled, knowledgeable, and genuine.

When Rachael isn’t sharing the details of her last injectable treatment with one of our clients or helping you understand the benefits of our monthly membership programs, you might find her in Florida! Rachael and her young daughter started a tradition when her daughter was only 18 months old that they would visit “The Happiest Place on Earth” every year! If you need the latest dish on Disney World, ask Rachael!

Rachael’s Favorite Skincare Product:

TNS® Advanced+ Serum

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