Achieve your healthiest skin possible with customized facials designed to treat your specific skin concerns.


Our customized facials are tailored to precisely what your skin needs to get into the best condition possible!

Facials at Refinery Skin Clinic are anything but cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all. Our customized facials deliver results because they are tailored to exactly what your skin needs on the day of your appointment. Whether you’re experiencing an acne breakout or battling dryness and sensitivity, your Advanced Practice Esthetician will personalize your treatment with the perfect products, tools, and technology to leave your skin refreshed, hydrated, and glowing! Receiving a customized facial every 4-6 weeks is the ideal way to address and correct common skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, dryness, dehydration, and redness.



A thorough skin analysis will determine the best products and treatment modalities to integrate into your customized facial.

Your first customized facial at Refinery Skin Clinic begins with a thorough consultation by one of our Advanced Practice Estheticians. They will conduct an in-depth skin analysis to accurately determine your skin type and condition, listen to your concerns and goals, and map out a future treatment plan. After this consultation, your customized facial will continue with a range of professional skincare products and advanced techniques best suited to your specific needs.

Customized facials typically begin with a deep cleansing of your skin, followed by exfoliation with enzymes or dermablading, a light peel or steam, extractions of blackheads (if needed), masking, and then end with an application of corrective serums, moisturizers, and sun protection.


Experience smoother, clearer, softer, and more radiant skin after a single customized facial, with results that intensify with each subsequent treatment.

Refinery Skin Clinic clients love how their skin looks and feels after a customized facial! And the results last longer than most people think, especially if you receive treatments regularly every four to six weeks.

Ready to Refine Your Image?


During this time, you won’t be able to stop touching your skin. It will feel undeniably softer, smoother, firmer, and plump. Your makeup will set flawlessly, and skin will appear more radiant and even, especially if you’ve added dermablading to your service!

You’ll absolutely love your skin for the first few days after your facial. During this time, it’s still benefitting from increased hydration and circulation, which helps boost your glow factor. If you have acne, it is common to see accelerated clearing of lesions at this time.

Our skin cells turn over about every four weeks, so during this time, you may begin to see a marked improvement in conditions like acne, rosacea, and sun damage.

This is the ideal time to return for your next treatment. Your skin will have completed another cycle of turning over, and it is the perfect time to treat to ensure continued improvement. Plus, you’ll quickly become addicted to that post-facial glow and crave it every month!

Scheduling regular customized facials is only one piece of the puzzle to achieving and maintaining radiant, healthy skin. You can significantly enhance and extend your results by using professional skincare between your appointments. The products that Refinery Skin Clinic carries are clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin and contain much higher percentages of active ingredients than drugstore or department products. In fact, many of them can only be dispensed through a medical office!

After your customized facial, your Advanced Practice Esthetician will design a personalized skincare regimen that will help address your specific concerns and goals from home. The combination of monthly customized facials with a personalized at-home professional skincare regimen ensures you’ll enjoy gorgeous, healthy skin all year round!

To save on the skincare that our Advanced Practice Estheticians recommend, many clients sign up for our Year Round Radiance Skincare Membership. This includes a customized SkinMedica® skincare regimen sent straight to your home four times a year, plus 20% OFF all additional skincare purchases you make throughout the year.

Contact Us to learn more about our Year Round Radiance Skincare Membership and to sign up!


Skincare Consultation (30 Minutes) – Complimentary

Feeling overwhelmed and needing clarification about your skin type, how to best address your concerns, and what skincare products are right for you? Take away the guesswork by booking a consultation with one of our Advanced Practice Estheticians to discuss the treatments and products that will get you the best results!

Refinery Signature Facial (45 Minutes) – $142.00

Need help determining what your skin needs? Let our Advanced Practice Estheticians create a treatment experience that is entirely unique to you and your skin. Each step is customized to your skin’s condition, on the day of service.

Refinery Signature Facial + Dermablade (60 Minutes) – $197.00
Express Facial (30 Minutes) – $87.00

Need a glow on the go? Pop-in for a quick cleansing, exfoliation, and masking treatment to rapidly refresh and improve your skin’s appearance.

Teen Facial (30 Minutes) – $72.00

Catered to the specific needs of teens and young adults; this facial effectively treats acne, skin congestion, and inflamed skin.


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