Ways to Save


Unbeatable savings on the perfect skincare regimen delivered straight to your door and more!

Refinery Skin Clinic believes that how you care for your skin at home is integral to your skin’s overall health and appearance. Using a customized, professional skincare regimen not only helps you achieve better results with our treatments but may also allow you to enjoy your results for longer! That’s why we’re passionate about recommending products that will directly address each client’s unique concerns and provide fast, visible improvement to your skin. Our monthly skincare membership partners you with an Advanced Practice Esthetician who will design your ideal product prescription. This regimen can conveniently be shipped to your home every three months or picked up in our office. Enjoy your healthiest skin year-round with incredible discounts on products and additional treatments with Refinery’s monthly skincare membership!

What You Get with a Year-Round Radiance Membership

A Refinery Skin Clinic Advanced Practice Esthetician will design a SkinMedica® skincare regimen for you, including a cleanser, TNS® Advanced+ Serum, HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator, a moisturizer, and Total Defense & Repair SPF. Why these particular products? Our team strongly believes that TNS® Advanced+ Serum, HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator, and Total Defense & Repair SPF can greatly benefit everyone’s skin. In fact, we’ve seen these innovative products significantly transform our clients’ skin! Your SkinMedica® regimen can be picked up at our clinic or conveniently shipped straight to your door every three months. Plus, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any additional skincare products your Advanced Practice Esthetician recommends throughout the year!

What You Save with a Year-Round Radiance Membership

We understand that professional skincare is an investment. Because of this, Refinery Skin Clinic wanted to pass along substantial savings to our monthly skincare membership clients. Each member saves over $515 on product costs alone each year, but the savings don’t stop there! You’ll also enjoy a 20% discount on any additional product purchases throughout the year. Plus, the Allē Reward points you earn on your membership translate to over $250 in savings, which not only covers but exceeds the membership sign-up fee! Members also receive special discounted pricing on all BOTOX® Cosmetic and SKINVIVE™ treatments throughout the year!


$200 one-time enrollment fee | $155.00/month

Members enjoy the following discounts throughout the year:

  • 20% OFF all additional skincare product purchases
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic – $12.00/unit (reg. price $13.50/unit)
  • SKINVIVE™ Glow Up – $600.00 (reg. price $700.00)
  • SKINVIVE™ Radiance Booster + HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator (1oz) – $850.00 (reg. $950.00)

*minimum commitment of 12 months required


Experience healthy, hydrated, and radiant skin year-round with a Refinery DiamondGlow® Membership!

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to keep your skin looking its absolute best all year round? Then, look no further than Refinery Skin Clinic’s monthly Glow Getter Membership. This program couples the expertise of an Advanced Practice Esthetician who will monitor your skin’s condition each month with the radiance-boosting power of a customized DiamondGlow® treatment. See a dramatic improvement in persistent skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, and dryness while enjoying a fresh, luminous complexion throughout the month and incredible savings!

What You Get with a Glow Getter Membership

Each month, your Refinery Skin Clinic Advanced Practice Esthetician will assess your skin and customize your DiamondGlow® treatment to address its needs precisely. Your treatment may be performed on your face or body. This tailored approach ensures continuous progress toward your skincare goals while maintaining clean, exfoliated, hydrated, and outrageously glowing skin! Plus, you’ll enjoy incredible savings on any add/on services you’d like to enhance your DiamondGlow® with, including dermablading, chemical peels, and additional DiamondGlow® treatment(s) for face and/or body.

What You Save with a Glow Getter Membership

Allē Reward members will earn $15 in points each month with their Glow Getter membership, which can be used towards any product or treatment within the Allergan Aesthetics™ portfolio. Your Glow Getter monthly membership also locks you into discounted pricing on BOTOX® Cosmetic and SKINVIVE™ throughout the year!


FREE to join! No enrollment fee! | $185.00/month

Members enjoy the following discounts:

  • Add/on Dermablade – $35.00
  • Add/on Chemical Peel – $50.00 (reg. $220.00)
  • Add/on DiamondGlow® treatment for face and/or body – $50.00 (reg. $205.00)
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic – $12.00/unit (reg. $13.50/unit)
  • SKINVIVE™ Glow Up – $600.00 (reg. $700.00)
  • SKINVIVE™ Radiance Booster + HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator (1oz) – $850.00 (reg. $950.00)

*A minimum commitment of 6 months is required
*Limited to 30 clients
*Waitlist now available!


Earn points and save on the treatments and products you love!

Allē is the official loyalty program of Allergan Aesthetics™. Unlike other rewards programs that only allow you to earn points on their specific brand, Allē believes you deserve to be rewarded for caring for your skin and body. They not only award you points on Allergan Aesthetics™ purchases like BOTOX® Cosmetic and SkinMedica® products but also on 50+ other in-office products and treatments. Points can be used towards cash discounts on future Allergan brand treatments and products like the JUVÉDERM® Collection, Kybella®, CoolSculpting®, LATISSE® and more! Points are conveniently stored all in one place: your Allē Wallet.

Is Allē free? How do I join?

Yes, it is completely free to join Allē! Join Allē by clicking here.

How many points can I earn on Allergan Aesthetics™ treatments and products?

Earn points on your favorite products and treatments within the Allergan Aesthetics™ portfolio and cash them in towards future treatments! You’ll save $10 for every 100 points earned!

How many points can I earn on non-Allergan treatments and products?

Earn 50 points on your favorite products and treatments even if they aren’t in the Allergan family, and cash them in towards future Allergan Aesthetics™ treatments! See the complete list.

How do I use my Allē points?

It’s up to you how you use your points! Some people like to use them as they go, while others like to store points in their Allē Wallet to rack up more considerable savings later. When you’re ready to use yours, ask your Refinery Skin Clinic provider to apply your available points at checkout for instant savings on Allergan Aesthetics™ products and treatments.

Your Allē points can be redeemed in 100-point increments. Every 100 points = equals $10 in savings, and you can apply as many points as you’d like up to the total cost of your transaction.

Allē is all about using your rewards your way, including combining points with other offers! Some restrictions may apply with specific promotions. Please ask the Refinery Skin Clinic team if you have questions regarding combining your points with a particular promotion.

Gift cards can be combined with points and offers, too! Stacking all those savings makes it really easy to see the value of being an Allē member. But even better, unlike some gift cards you might have purchased in the past, Allē gift cards never expire!

Your Allē Wallet makes it easier than ever to access all of your points, offers, gift cards, and any other fun perks of being an Allē member. No more fumbling at checkout to find the offer you printed out – it all lives in one place that your Refinery Skin Clinic provider can quickly tap into at checkout. Plus – Allē also adds special custom offers just for you throughout the year, so check your Allē Wallet often! You can even load your gift cards into your Allē Wallet by following these directions:

· Login to Allē and navigate to your Wallet > Gift Cards > Add a Gift Card

· Enter your gift card code and click the “Add to Wallet” button to complete the process.

· When you’re ready to use it, tell your provider that you have a gift card in your Wallet after receiving a treatment. They can pull up your Allē account and apply the funds with a click.

Yes, there is! Download the app for iPhone® and Android®. You can also access your account via Allē’s mobile-friendly version at Alle.com.

Special Holidays for Allē Rewards Members

It really pays to be an Allē Rewards Member at key times throughout the year. On these exclusive, Allergan Aesthetics™ holidays, members can take advantage of incredible BOGO online gift card offers, double and triple points promotions, and MORE! Keep your eyes out for special savings on: JUVÉDERM® DAY (August), BOTOX® Cosmetic Day (November), and CoolSculpting® COOLMONTH (April).


Achieve your aesthetic goals with flexible financing options that fit your lifestyle and budget!

Refinery Skin Clinic has partnered with two reputable financing partners to help our clients break down the cost of their aesthetic goals into flexible, low monthly payments. Both PatientFi™ and CareCredit® specialize in assisting clients to pay out-of-pocket expenses not covered by traditional medical insurance. They offer financing options many clients may not receive with traditional credit cards. Once approved, you can use PatientFi™ and CareCredit® to pay for any Refinery Skin Clinic services!

Applying is easy! Simply click the links attached. You will be asked to enter a specific amount for the treatments you have been recommended or are interested in and some basic information about yourself. PatientFi™ uses a soft credit check, so you can apply and see if you qualify without having the inquiry impact your credit score. The approval process generally takes less than 5 minutes. Our staff is here to help with the application process as well!


Check in each month to discover special offers from Refinery Skin Clinic and our partners!