With each chapter of a woman’s life, her concerns may change for her skin and her face’s overall appearance. This is because several factors contribute to the aging process with each passing.

One of these factors that has an immense impact on facial aging is volume loss. Bone, muscle, fat, collagen, and elastin are integral components of our skin’s volume and structure. Here are how they change throughout our lives and treatment solutions to address these concerns to age beautifully!

Volume Loss Triangle


Your skin’s collagen and elastin production is set on high-speed cruise control in your twenties! These vital components of youthful skin keep it resilient, full, elastic and lifted. Imagine collagen and elastin-like a box spring over which your skin lies like a mattress. In your twenties, it’s like you have a brand new box spring! Plus, your bones are at peak density, and facial fat pads are full and high on the face – all contributing to beautiful lift, smoothness, and support.

Skin Goals: Prevention is the name of the game! Wear a daily SPF to prevent collagen breakdown and sun damage, and focus on correcting any skin conditions, like acne, with the help of a Licensed Esthetician.

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Uh oh, collagen and elastin production begins to slow significantly. Also, repeated facial movements (like furrowing our brows at the kids) begin to create fine lines and wrinkles between our brows and around our eyes. Skin still has beautiful volume in this decade of life, but we may start to notice slight hollowing at our temples, under our eyes, and along our cheekbones.

Skin Goals: Preserve the collagen and elastin you have, enhance it further, and start stimulating more! Treat and prevent future wrinkles with Botox®. Prevent skin damage with daily SPF and a comprehensive skincare regimen

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After a lifetime of trying to lose fat on our bodies, we now experience fat loss in the one place we don’t want to lose – our face! Our 40s are when we may begin to notice more significant hollowing under our eyes, the flattening of our cheeks, and deeper lines that run from the corners of our nose to the corners of our mouth. As a result, your face may appear more gaunt, sharp, and angular, and it may begin to sag at the jawline because it has lost the support of both fat and collagen. Your face may have the appearance of being deflated of its youthful fullness and contour.

Skin Goals: Smooth deeper wrinkles and restore volume and lift with dermal fillers. Treat and prevent future lines from forming with Botox®. Get on a comprehensive treatment and product regimen with your Licensed Esthetician.

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Did you know that we lose bone and muscle in our faces as we age.? Our 50s & 60s are when most women begin to notice more significant sagging to our skin, especially in the cheeks and jawline. Not only have we lost collagen and elastin, but fat pads start to diminish as well as bone in the brow area, cheekbones, and jaw. RED ALERT! Your face’s support network has been compromised, and it needs a comprehensive strategy involving dermal fillers to keep it looking youthful, complete, and lifted.

Skin Goals: Work with an Injection Specialist to map out an annual volume restoration plan with dermal fillers. Get on a comprehensive treatment and product regimen with your Licensed Esthetician

Skin Solutions: The Juvéderm Collection of fillers & Profound® RF Microneedling(RE)STORE Treat-to-Complete Package

*At this time, your Injection Specialist may also refer you to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Remember, no matter what decade of life you find yourself in, we ALL have some control over how our skin ages due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Be a good steward to your skin by wearing a daily SPF and partnering with a Refinery Skin Clinic Injection Specialist and Advanced Practice Esthetician to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in ALL stages of life!