Are you looking forward to the holiday season but dreading the havoc winter’s harsh, dry and cold climate plays on your skin?

Then, it’s time to tweak your seasonal skincare strategy with products and treatments that can help hydrate, calm, and strengthen your skin and get you glowing for the holidays! Here are three ways to get a head start on winning the war against Winter skin.

#1 – Adjust your at-home skincare strategy.

Did you know that the average Minnesota household is drier than the Sahara Desert during the winter months? You can thank your indoor heating for that! As it causes water to evaporate in the air, indoor heating also depletes our skin of precious hydration. The solution? Get the humidifier going in your bedroom and revisit what moisturizers you’re using in your daily skincare lineup.

If your skin always seems to feel tight and flakey in the winter, it’s most likely lacking water and will benefit from a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid. If your skin is red, itchy, cracking, and very uncomfortable, it may be lacking sebum (oil). In this case, opt for a richer, more emollient moisturizer with ceramides that create a barrier between you and the harsh environment. And yes! Many people’s skin will benefit from incorporating BOTH! 

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#2 – Enhance your exfoliation game with chemical peels.

Many of us feel like our skin looks dull and ashy during winter. This is partly due to dehydration, but it can also be because our dead skin cells aren’t effectively detaching from the skin’s surface. This buildup not only makes our complexion look devitalized, but it can also prevent our skin from receiving hydration from our moisturizer. If any topical moisture applied is being absorbed by all dead skin, it never reaches fresh, healthy skin!

A great way to combat this buildup is to step up your exfoliation at home with serums or scrubs and visit The Refinery Skin Clinic for a chemical peel every 4-6 weeks. A chemical peel will not only keep your skin’s surface fresh and smooth, but you can simultaneously improve other skin concerns like sun damage and rosacea with peels! Meet with a Refinery Skin Clinic Advanced Practice Esthetician to learn what chemical peels may be perfect for you!

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#3 – Take your skin’s hydration to new heights with DiamondGlow™

Does winter make your skin extra thirsty? Then the Ultra Hydrating DiamondGlow™ is for you! Not only does this treatment provide a deep exfoliation with a diamond-tipped wand, but it also infuses skin with a signature SkinMedica® hydrating serum that will leave your skin absolutely radiant after your treatment. The best part – DiamondGlow™ has ZERO downtime. You can receive treatment in the morning and enjoy glowing, vibrant skin for a holiday party that very evening!

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