By Megan Schmitz, APE, CLT, LSO

Hyaluronic acid has gotten a lot of hype recently in the skincare world, and for good reason. This versatile, hydrating powerhouse ingredient is excellent for all skin types and conditions, and visible results are instantaneous. Hyaluronic acid is found in a broad range of topical products, dermal fillers, and even in our own bodies! If you aren’t already in a committed relationship with this hydration ‘hero,’ here are seven reasons to fall in love with hyaluronic acid.

#1 – Hyaluronic Acid Naturally Exists in Your Body Already

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found in the human body’s skin, joints, eyes, cartilage, and other connective tissues. As a result, our bodies easily accept and benefit from HA because it is not seen as a foreign invader. The rate at which our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid to keep it plump, hydrated, and dewy decreases as we age. This decline means we must reintroduce HA back into our skin as a topical, injectable, or BOTH to keep it supple, hydrated, and smooth.

#2 – Hyaluronic Acid is Effective for ALL Skin Types

Even though it is called an acid, hyaluronic acid is actually a carbohydrate that is incredibly gentle, so much so that it is frequently found in topical serums aimed at soothing skin and minimizing irritation. Any skin type or condition that needs an extra boost of soothing hydration will benefit from HA, including:

  • Oily/flakey skin that needs to be balanced with water hydration
  • Inflamed skin with a compromised barrier function
  • Dry skin that lacks oil (sebum) and water
  • Flakey, dehydrated winter skin
  • Aging skin with decreased HA production
  • Post-procedural skin that is sloughing and needs moisture and hydration

#3 – Hyaluronic Acid Attracts MAJOR Moisture

Hyaluronic acid attracts water to itself. The scientific term for this characteristic is “hygroscopic.” One gram of HA has the capacity to bind six liters of water to itself! When you apply a topical hyaluronic acid serum to your skin or inject it into it in the form of a dermal filler, like Juvéderm®, it will pull water from the humidity in the air or surrounding tissues. This property is why HA-based dermal fillers can plump and smooth a wrinkle, and topical HA serums can make skin look dewy and hydrated.

#4 – Hyaluronic Acid is an Age-Defying Plumping Powerhouse

With hyaluronic acid’s water-binding superpowers, it’s obvious why it is a major player in the anti-aging skincare industry. By plumping the surface cells on the skin with water, HA softens the appearance of fine lines and gives the user’s complexion a dewy, fresh appearance. Continued use keeps skin soft, hydrated, supple, elastic, and resilient.

When injected into the skin, hyaluronic acid-based fillers instantly pull water from surrounding tissue. This binding effect creates volume under the skin that can help smooth the appearance of a wrinkle and even enhance facial features like the lips, making them fuller and more voluptuous!

#5 – Hyaluronic Acid Hardly Ever Has Side Effects (when applied topically)

Because our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid, there are very few reports of reactions or side effects to topical HA products. Our skin sees it as bioidentical and tolerates it without issue. If someone has an adverse response to a product with hyaluronic acid, another ingredient in that same product is usually the culprit.

Unlike other anti-aging rockstar ingredients, like retinol, hyaluronic acid does not require your skin to acclimate over time or cause flaking or redness if introduced too quickly. It also does not cause sensitivity to the sun and can be used all year round and in conjunction with other products.

#6 – Hyaluronic Acid Results Can Be Seen Immediately After Application

You don’t need to wait around for results with hyaluronic acid! You’ll see instant benefits once it is topically applied or injected into the skin. When used as a serum, surface skin cells will immediately plump, giving skin a fresh, dewy glow. When injected, HA will instantly soften the appearance of a wrinkle, restore volume, or enhance the fullness of facial features such as the cheeks, lips, or chin.

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‍#7 – Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Products Are Simple To Use

Skincare should be simple, and incorporating hyaluronic acid into your regimen is easy! Apply your HA serums beneath your moisturizer morning and night to enjoy the benefits of more hydrated, plump, and youthful-looking skin!  

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