As the season transitions, so does your skin.

Spring, with its spirit of renewal, is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with your licensed esthetician to discuss the changing needs your skin may have with each passing season and year. Advancements evolve quickly in the cosmeceutical market, and one of the latest innovations is proving to have remarkable science backing its results. Let’s take a look at how stem cell technology, namely in the skincare line Defenage®, can help you defy aging and put the spring back into your skin’s step!

Why are Stem Cells Special?

Your bodies stem cells are like shapeshifters. They are unique in that they have the astounding ability to morph into different kinds of cells like muscle, nerve or even bone cells. This transformative quality means they can help regenerate damaged tissues they come in contact with and help to restore the function of those tissues. As a result, the use of stem cells to improve the function and appearance of aging skin is now intensely studied.

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How do Stem Cells Work in Skincare?

We’re all on a quest for skincare that improves the appearance of our skin and reduces damage. What if your skincare could actually reverse the signs of aging and damage? A large population of scientists believes that aging is a condition of the skin and can, therefore, be influenced and even reversed to an extent. They theorize that aging itself is a cascade of small wounds and environmental and lifestyle damage brought out through the years. As a result, these scientists believe that stem cells can help heal these wounds and regenerate damaged tissue; reverse aging!

The Rise of Defenage® Skincare as the Industry Leader

After its launch in 2017, the Defenage® skincare line skyrocketed to the top of the stem cell skincare industry. The company’s proprietary peptide complex, “Age-Repair Defensins,” claims to stimulate a specific stem cell in our hair follicles. In turn, these follicles are encouraged to produce more healthy skin cells. Also, Defensins have a unique ability to heal wounds, so when topically applied and absorbed they can escalate your skin’s repair and regeneration capabilities.

Has Defenage® Conducted Studies to Validate Their Claims?

Defenage® recently conducted a multi-center, placebo-controlled study of their skincare line’s ability to reverse the signs of aging. During this 6-week study, all participants used the entire Defenage® skincare line. Results were based on histology, high-resolution ultrasound imaging, clinical photography and 3-D Skin Imaging. Their findings were presented at the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference in June of 2017. The treatment group that participated in this study noted the following improvements in their skin:

  • Increased epidermis thickness
  • A higher number of proliferating cells
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Reduced deep wrinkles and folds

The team at The Refinery Skin Clinic is proud to offer this innovative skincare line to our patients. We have witnessed the remarkable results both our staff and clients have achieved with Defenage® and are so excited for you to benefit from the power of stem cell technology added to your skincare regimen!