Can a pandemic influence beauty trends?

With the majority of the population now wearing masks, lipstick sales have plummeted and mascara sales have increased over 20%. Why? The attention is now on our EYES. What better way to enhance the beauty of your eyes than with gorgeous, long lashes – compliments of Latisse®?

Did you know that your eyelashes age, just like your skin? Over time, lashes can become dry, brittle, and break off easily. As a result, they can look sparse and thin and make your eyes seem to disappear. Although mascara and eyelash extensions can restore some volume and definition, these are both temporary solutions that may also damage your lashes further. Latisse® not only grows longer lashes but stronger, more conditioned lashes as well!

Latisse® was the pioneer product of the long lash craze. It was launched by Allergan in 2008 as an FDA-approved prescription treatment for hypertrichosis, or inadequate lash length or number. Since then it has quickly skyrocketed into becoming the #1 lash enhancement serum on the market with the greatest rate of patient satisfaction.

How does it work?

The active ingredient in Latisse® is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. When applied nightly to your upper lash line (the same way you would apply liquid eyeliner) with a disposable brush, it gradually increases the duration of your lash’s natural growth cycle. As a result, you keep more lashes for longer and they have the opportunity to grow longer, thicker, and even darker.

It takes about 16 weeks to see optimal results with Latisse®, although most people start to notice longer lashes at 5 to 6 weeks and thicker lashes at 8 to 11 weeks. Once you have completed a 16-week course, it is recommended that you use Latisse® every other night or every third night to maintain your results. If you discontinue use, your lashes will gradually return to their original condition.

Are there any side-effects with Latisse®?

Some people may experience a reddish-brown darkening of the skin at their lash line and some sensitivity. If Latisse® consistently gets into your eyes, you may experience changes to the color of the iris in your eye, or small gold flecks. These side-effects are rare, but should immediately be shared with your provider.

You can purchase Latisse® with a prescription in a 3mL or 5mL size. Because it is part of the Allergan Aesthetics family of products, you can also earn Allē reward points with each purchase! Many people simply restock their Latisse® every three months when they schedule their quarterly treatments with Botox® Cosmetic to ensure their lashes stay long, thick, and gorgeous all year round!

Make sure you are a registered Allē rewards member to earn points with each purchase of Latisse®!