Did you know that the average syringe of dermal filler contains less than 1/5 teaspoon of the product?

Although we all wish (including your injection specialist) that we could wave a magic wand and have one 1mL syringe of filler make every wrinkle and concern on our face disappear, the truth is – that’s not possible. If you want to see significant, visible improvements from dermal filler, you will most often need multiple syringes.

At The Refinery Skin Clinic, we want our patients to get the absolute best results from their cosmetic injectables; that’s why we’ve created our Treat-to-Complete dermal filler packages.

Your face shape is the most telling sign of your age. When we are young, we have a narrow jawline and full cheeks. As we age, our collagen and elastin production decreases. We lose volumizing facial fat and supporting bone. Our face begins to sag and appears heavy at the jawline. The Refinery Skin Clinic’s Treat-to-Complete packages consider the specific ways our faces age at different decades in life and custom-tailor a filler plan to address these changes. Not only will you get a complete result in a single appointment, but it will also be at the best pricing we can offer, will include bonus services to enhance your outcome, and your results will last up to two years or more!

Key Benefits of Our Treat-to-Complete Approach

  • Significant visible changes achieved in a single appointment
  • Results are balanced and natural-looking
  • Multiple areas treated at once for more harmonious results
  • Results last longer than treating with 1-2 syringes per appointment
  • Fewer syringes may be needed in the future to achieve the same result
  • Best pricing is guaranteed
  • Significant Allē rewards points earned adding up to cash discount on future services
  • Complementary services included, enhancing your overall result
  • The BEST result is achieved in the shortest amount of time

The Refinery Skin Clinic’s Treat-to-Complete Dermal Filler Packages Include:

(RE)NEW for 30 years and up

Renew your commitment to your skin by focusing on smoothing fine lines that are beginning to form around the mouth, refreshing volume in the cheeks, contouring the chin and jawline, and enhancing the fullness in your lips.

(RE)VERSE for 40 years and up

Reverse the visible signs of collagen and elastin depletion by smoothing wrinkles, adding volume to undereye hollows, replenishing lift to your mid-face, restoring fullness and definition to your lips, and enhancing the contour of your chin and jawline.

  • $3,200 – includes 50 FREE units of Botox® Cosmetic ($600 value)
  • Earn 800 ($80) Allē rewards points

(RE)STORE for 50 years and up

Restore facial structure compromised by bone and facial fat pad depletion. Replenish overall volume and smoothness to your skin. Redefine your jawline, rejuvenate your eye area and lips, and recapture a more youthful, refreshed appearance!

  • $4,800 – includes FREE additional retouch at six months ($950 value)
  • Earn 1,200 ($120) Allē rewards points

Are you ready to achieve your BEST dermal filler results in a single appointment? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our injection specialists to discuss our Treat-to-Complete filler packages today!