A is for Acne: The Difference Between Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory Acne

Nearly every adolescent and countless adults struggle at some point with acne. Not only can it be socially awkward, but it can also be incredibly uncomfortable. In keeping with our theme for August – Go Back to School with the ABC’s of Skincare – we are going to highlight Acne and look at the two basic categories – non-inflammatory and … Read More

Sun Protection and Your Skin

We love the sun. In fact, many of us would probably say we experience a greater sense of happiness and motivation on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days. We love to play in it, bask in it and in Northern climates where warm weather and hot sunshine is a fleeting, seasonal occurrence – soak it in every chance we … Read More

Men – It’s Time You Thought About Your Skin Too!

For men and women alike, vigilance is required to maintain healthy skin. Unfortunately, there are many men who don’t take the time to incorporate skincare into their daily routine. Instead, they turn a blind eye to the negative impact that environmental factors, diet and stress have on their skin and as a result experience signs of premature aging and in … Read More